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April 7, 2009

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smc_target_au_0012Like the “Invisible Man” some stains do start off invisible. When those words leave my lips at the front counter of my shops I have to consider what the client is thinking.

“Is this guy for real”, must go through my client’s heads. It sounds like a bad pick-up line. It is lonely at the front of Cameo Cleaners of Gramercy Park.

That big yellow stain, right there in the front of your blouse, the one that wasn’t there when you dropped your blouse off, yep, that is an invisible stain. Stuff like this makes you feel that you were “taken-to-the-cleaners”. (Does anyone know where that saying came from?)

Invisible stains do exist, they are real and they were not invented for the pleasure of your local dry cleaner. They are stains which oxidize, like when you bite an apple and 10 minutes later it is turns brown.

If you get a splash of white wine on your blouse or even a light sauce, the stain may not be visible when you take your blouse off.

Over time, especially when you put your clothes away for the season, these “invisible” stains will oxidize and turn yellow.

Sometimes the heat used in the dry cleaning process will accelerate the process though a great dry cleaner should be able to remove the yellowing if the oxidization isn’t too bad.

Your best bet is to never put away clothes for the season that have been worn. Always clean before you store and watch out for those “invisible stains”.

Thanks for listening.

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