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Jeeves and the Angels (the Victoria Secret Angels that is).

November 18, 2010

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Baseball look as cleaned by your man Jeeves.

When the telephone rings at Jeeves he never knows where he is off to next. A few weeks ago OBO Global called and inquired if your man Jeeves could set up an on-site wardrobe cleaning workshop to take care of costumes for an upcoming fashion event. OBO Global produces the “best of the best” in fashion events.

Jeeves knew at once how to accomplish this feat as he had taken care of the wardrobe backstage for Fashion For Relief (http://www NULL.jeevesny some months ago. He had worked out all of the details for that event, so this project might be a tad easier on him.

The event coordinator from OBO Global went on to explain that Jeeves was needed for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and that two shows were being produced the same day with a limited amount of time between shows.

Jeeves would be required to clean any garment that had become stained during the first show and have it sparkling clean and ready for the second show; Jeeves loves a challenge and a ticking clock.

Cleaning the garments was only part of the problem, each item needed to be just about perfect to pass the uncompromising eye of HD broadcast, as any imperfection would be painfully obvious.

Yes, the shows were being taped for broadcast on the telly as well.

The day of the show Jeeves set up a complete cleaning workshop backstage. Those who saw the unpacking equated Jeeves with being a “Boy Scout”. Jeeves likes to be ready for anything and being prepared makes him happiest.

Then the waiting began, nothing needed to be taken care prior to the first show with the exception of a gown that needed a bit of steam. Jeeves took comfort in chatting with the makeup artists and got some hair care tips.

At once the music started thumping and the Victoria Secret Angels, Katy Perry and Akon all put on a wonderful show. At the conclusion, everyone backstage started to relax except for the wardrobe staff. Only 2 hours separated the two shows and stains happened.

At first just a few items of wardrobe drifted into the Jeeves workshop; some tops and vests from Katy Perry’s dancers. This calm did not last long as four wardrobe mistresses arrived with armfuls of items from the Victoria Secret models; tops, bottoms, bathing suits, gloves and a soccer ball (!) all in need of cleaning, all stained with makeup.

Everything in the wardrobe was delicate and could only be cleaned by hand. The lads from Jeeves got to work straight away. The clock ticked and makeup stains were disappearing from costumes faster than a magician turns his assistant into a tiger. All was well until two burly gentlemen arrived with the most fabulous Swarovski crystal encrusted pannier (hoop skirt).

Why two gentlemen you ask? The pannier weighed over sixty pounds and went on forever.

The sixty pound pannier, besides being made of thousands of crystals had a delicate silk underskirt that was in need of cleaning. The underskirt was layers and layers of silk, maybe 20 yards or so. Time was starting to become Jeeves’ arch rival.

Jeeves had just finished the soccer and baseball costumes and all that was left was the pannier and fifteen minutes. “Come on boys let’s pull together!”, was Jeeves’ cry and at once all hands were on the pannier. Makeup removed, hem soil removed and lastly the straps were restored to their original white.

The Angels marched to the elevator to start the second show and Jeeves was right behind with the pannier in hand (Jeeves did have help), just in time as the music started.

Jeeves could now relax, the Angels were smiling.

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