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Let Your Furs Hibernate With Your Man Jeeves

May 30, 2011

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After the three rainy weekend in a row Mrs. Jeeves finally broke down and allowed your man Jeeves to flip their closets and accept the fact that spring may not be coming to New York and we may be heading straight into Summer… and summer did roar into New York City this past week.

If you are struggling to find space for that new Dolce & Gabbana collection in your closet please let your man Jeeves take those pesky, not to mention bulky jackets off your hands and store them in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Before sending your furs to hibernate with your man Jeeves all summer long, he strongly urges that you have your coats cleaned to remove any damaging soils and rejuvenate the skins with oils so that your fur may endure many more seasons.

Should you choose to store your own furs please remember to store your coat in a cloth garment bag, in an area of moderate temperature, and to AVOID plastic at all costs. However THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER is to AVOID EXTREME HEAT! Your man Jeeves can not stress enough that the greatest enemy to your furs is heat. Heat will cause the underlying skin to dry out and crack, and this will do irreparable damage to your fur  coats.

For the best fur coat cleaning NYC and best fur coat storage NYC just call on Jeeves.

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    Nick Jordan

    Do you have an article for motorcycle jackets? IF not, do one next! 🙂

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