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Photos from Coach via Refinery29

Coach X Rodarte

Another major fashion collaboration has caught our eye, and it will soon be available on April 12th! Manhatten-based designer Stuart Vevers of Coach and California girls Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte came together to create an American Dream for the ages. Fashion lovers everywhere […]


Wardrobe Spotlight: The Leather Jacket

When we think about Fall and Winter fashion, a nice leather jacket is definitely a staple clothing item that comes to mind. Why? Because it’s versatile and goes with just about anything! A leather jacket can be worn as a top or bottom layer. You […]


Why is cold storage important for furs and leathers?

  So why is cold storage important for furs and leathers???…The simple answer is that it preserves the skins more than if they were to be stored at room temperature. As fur, leather and suede are all skins, over time they degrade. This degradation process […]


Shearling Cleaning Tips

If you have worn your shearling over the winter and splashed with slush inspect it for damage from salt.

blonde on furry arm-chair

Spring Break & Your Winter Wardrobe

Your man Jeeves advice is simple, anything that was worn should be cleaned before being put away. This advice is not unique to Jeeves, all wardrobe experts will advise you of the same.


Shear Tragedy: Tips for Cleaning Shearling

Your man Jeeves knows his clients are no strangers to shearling garments. Let’s face it, shearling is a fashionable way to keep super warm now that the temperatures have dipped in the single digits in New York. However, because shearling is an investment and the […]


Here’s To a Furocious Fall

As the leaves change from their monotonous tones of green to vibrant red, yellow, and orange, our wardrobes follow suit and assimilate to the changing of the seasons.  Fall embodies transition allowing us to experiment with layers, form, color, and texture.  It permits an understanding […]

NYC Slush

Snow, Slush, Salt vs. Your Clothes

With another storm predicted for tomorrow the weather is taking a toll on every-one's wardrobe.

High heels in the snow

Dirty Dirty Snow, AKA the NYC Blizzard of 2010

This morning I watched a woman in beautiful black leather boots (Gucci maybe?), wade through water that was at least three inches deep at the corner of 68th and Park Avenue. As the water seeped into her boot (she grimaced), the tires of a taxi stuck in the snow started spinning and covered her off-white wool coat (Burberry) with a slushy, gray mixture of snow and street detritus.

jeeves leather

Leather in this weather?

Much to Jeeves' dismay leather is making a comeback in every way, shape, and form and the need for someone who can tend to your leather needs and save your skins is greater than ever. As always, your man Jeeves is prepared for the task.

Runway model wearing leather

Save Your Skins! or Leather & Suede Tips

Fall has arrived in NYC with Mother Nature giving us 30 degree temperatures one day and 70 degrees the next. Here are some tips to look great and stay warm on those chilly days when you reach for your leather jacket.