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Garment Care: Ties

Ties are the pièces de résistance for every suit. They come in endless patterns, materials, and sizes. A tie is what brings an outfit together, so what can you do when you notice a stain? Try out these tips to restore your ties to their former […]

Garment Care in between Cleanings

Every fashionista loves to add a little dimension to their clothing by throwing some texture into the mix. Textured items can be fun, but they often require extra care. Here’s how to get your garments to last until their next Jeeves appointment: Sequins Sequins are popular […]

Holiday Stains and How to Treat Them

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is all of the delicious drinks! From wine, to eggnog and hot chocolate, our tastebuds just can’t get enough! Unfortunately, as much as we love these drinks, they can also stain clothes fairly easily. There’s nothing […]

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2016 Trend Update: Satin

As much as we love a giant coat in the winter, we are not completely ready to let go of summer yet! Satins made a huge comeback this year and there is a good reason why: the fabric is lightweight and luxurious in its simplicity. […]

Laundry Care 101: Summertime Edition

Summer is here at long last. Before you begin breaking out the celebratory sunscreen, you might want to sit back and read our summertime laundry care tips. Don’t worry, there are only three! 1. Accept That Stains Are Going To Happen As much as we […]


Removing Halloween Makeup From Your Clothes!

  Got a great Halloween costume planned for this weekend?…Then you may want to heed just a few pointers IF you get some makeup in your clothes!  Foundation/Body Makeup: Blot at the stain with a damp white towel to remove as much of the product […]


An Ink Explosion…On Your Shirt

  You’ve been hard at work for hours, well past the 5pm EOD, chewing on the end of your pen. When you’re finally done working, you pop the pen in your shirt pocket without a second thought. Gathering your things, and heading out the door you […]


TOP Garment Care Tips For SUMMER!!

We’ve boiled down the TOP garment care tips for Summer from around our blog into 4 main points…See below. 1. SUN TAN LOTION/BRONZER We all love that lustrous bronze color in the summer, and while the sun does wonders to help us achieve that look, […]


The Summer HEAT and YOUR wardrobe!

  What are a few things that the Jeeves New York clients are worrying about regarding the heat and their clothes? And what can be done to alleviate those worries? We’ve compiled the top three, to keep your garments looking great!  1. Sweat Stains/ Perspiration […]


Swimwear X Drycleaning…What you need to know!

  With the impending first day of summer just a few days away, many clients are wondering “Can bathing suits be dry-cleaned” and the answer is NO! Even if you spend $500.00 on a Herve Leger suit that you REALLY want to make sure stays […]


The best way to turn your musty smelling Linens into Fresh summer breeze

Hampton dry cleaner – Jeeves NY will be offering door to door pick up and delivery service in the Hampton’s, every Wednesday from now until Labor day! Making stops in Westhampton Beach, Hampton Bays, South Hampton, Water Mill and Bridgehampton, all Jeeves clients can call the Upper East Side location at 212-570-9130, to […]


The Winter Freeze, and tips for your designer garments!

The winter chill has taken a foothold in Manhattan, and its holding New Yorkers hostage to their winter wear. From fur, to shearling to wool and cashmere sweaters, bundling up is paramount for daily function. But what are some of the garment blunders that can […]