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Rug and Carpet Cleaning

A new season brings about new decor for your home. It’s time to put away those deep, warm tones that kept your home cozy this winter and break out some fresh and light colors that will breathe new life into your abode! Before you begin […]

Drapery: Yes, We Are Talking About Curtains Now

We are going to level with you—talking about window treatments is not nearly as entertaining as talking about clothes. But, because we always have your best, most-perfectly-laundered interests at heart, we are going to buckle down and discuss drapery anyway. Whether the window treatments in […]

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It’s The Perfect Time To Clean Your Closet

You know what makes losing a hour of sleep worth it? Being able to trade in your Canada Goose for a trench! Spring is upon us, and that doesn’t only mean flowers and rooftop parties, but also new clothes. We’re sure your closet is ready […]


New York Fashion Week 2016 Takeaways

What a wonderful week it’s been in New York City. Fashion Week has come to a close but there are so many takeaways in the trend department. While many thought the idea of being able to buy collection pieces right now may tarnish fashion week […]


Removing Strong Odors + Sweat From Your Clothes!

As the weather gets colder, you pile layers on before hopping on the subway to get to work. But as every New Yorker knows, no matter how cool or cold outside, the NYC subway remains hot, sticky, and stuffy. And as soon as you enter […]


Holiday Season Frocks!

The passing of Halloween, signifies the advent of holiday season! Lace, metallic, sequined, bright and fun frocks to celebrate the end of a great year and the beginning of a new one. What makes these pieces different from others? They tend to be more delicate […]


Removing Halloween Makeup From Your Clothes!

  Got a great Halloween costume planned for this weekend?…Then you may want to heed just a few pointers IF you get some makeup in your clothes!  Foundation/Body Makeup: Blot at the stain with a damp white towel to remove as much of the product […]


Can You Wear A Wedding Dress After Preservation?

Can you wear a wedding dress after preservation? For 99% of dry cleaners the answer is NO. But because at Jeeves New York we are always looking to be the exception to the rule, the answer is YES. Jeeves does not use “hocus pocus” preservation methods such as; vacuum sealing, nitrogen […]


Tis the Season of the Winter Bride

Though the Northeast, South and Midwest is in a cold chokehold, there are still many brides that are walking down the aisle this winter. From ski-lodge marriages in Aspen and Lake Placid, NY to destination weddings in warmer climates like the Caribbean, Jamaica and Turks […]


Looking forward to Bridal Fashion Week!

  Looking forward to bridal fashion week? So are we! We cant wait to see what some of our favorite bridal designers send down the runway next week, and in anticipation, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite pieces from […]


Fall Accessories Prep!

  As we begin the transition to fall, and the mornings get a bit chillier than they were just a few weeks ago, we know you have undoubtedly pulled out your winter wear accessories, and either worn them or put them back in a futile […]


Free Pick Up and Delivery of Shoes + Handbags With Dry Cleaning Service!

Its rare to find a dry cleaner in Manhattan that will clean and restore shoes and handbags in store, and its even more rare to find one that will pick up and deliver your newly cleaned and restored shoes and handbags to and from your […]