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Garment Care: Ties

Ties are the pièces de résistance for every suit. They come in endless patterns, materials, and sizes. A tie is what brings an outfit together, so what can you do when you notice a stain? Try out these tips to restore your ties to their former […]

Garment Care in between Cleanings

Every fashionista loves to add a little dimension to their clothing by throwing some texture into the mix. Textured items can be fun, but they often require extra care. Here’s how to get your garments to last until their next Jeeves appointment: Sequins Sequins are popular […]

Holiday Stains and How to Treat Them

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is all of the delicious drinks! From wine, to eggnog and hot chocolate, our tastebuds just can’t get enough! Unfortunately, as much as we love these drinks, they can also stain clothes fairly easily. There’s nothing […]


All you need to know about JULY 4TH and YOUR Drycleaning!

July 4th is one of America’s most celebrated holidays filled with favorites like hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, etc. But with all of these holiday favorites, comes the sauces…mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, etc. And when these fall on your clothes, you may need some expert tips to get […]


The TRUTH about your FAVORITE Summer Drinks!

It’s Summer time, which means bring on the deliciously refreshing white wine, Champagne, Sprite, Mojito’s and the Jeeve’s favorite…Gin & Tonic’s. But if any of these clear liquids spill on your clothes, are you in the “clear” when it comes to stains? As a matter […]


The Hazards of Perspiration on Your Clothes

  Those big wet marks under men’s arms in their dress shirts or the slightly smaller wet marks on a woman when a garment is sitting right in her armpit, can wreak havoc! Not just making the area a little damp, it can actually create […]


Stain Removal?!?!…Don’t Try It At Home!

  Often when we get stains in our clothing, we like to take matters into our own hands. Believing that google is our ally, we ferociously search the internet for “solutions” to what we consider to be “everyday stains.” But more often than not, trying […]


All YOU Need to Know About Self Tanner and Drycleaning!

    The whole purpose of self tanner is to dye your skin to give you that basking in the sun glow. But the problem with self tanner and your wardrobe is that the “dye” in these products can also stain your clothes permanently, if […]


Ink Stains…Debunking the Hairspray myth!

Why are ink stains such a problem? And does hairspray remove them from clothes? Ink is a difficult stain to remove effectively, even for the Jeeves team. This is because, ink is composed of a dye suspended in a carrier. And the carrier is usually […]


Keeping Your Holiday Best, Your Holiday Best!

  Holiday parties mean lots and lots of sparkle, but how can we keep the sparkle shining after the events? Without a doubt sequins, beads and rhinestones do require more care than the plain garments in your wardrobe. From wearing to cleaning, you need to […]

Gold Lame, Jackie Rogers

100% Stain Removal & Jeeves

Years ago an old dry cleaner told Jeeves that he could get ANY stain out of ANY garment, 100% of the time.

Rena Lange Slacks after Restoration

Rena Lange and Dye Stain Removal at Jeeves

Stain removal requires extensive knowledge of chemistry, garment construction, and fabric types. By simply placing a garment into a dry cleaning machine does not yield a stain free result.