Removing Cigarette Smoke From Your Clothes


Removing Cigarette Smoke From Your Clothes

August 4, 2015

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While smoking is not an activity that we want any of our clients partaking in, the truth is that smoking has always been good for the dry-cleaning business. When smoking was permitted in bars, smokers and non-smokers, would flock to their local dry cleaner the next day to have their shirts cleaned. Because let’s face it… Even those that do smoke, don’t actually want to smell like smoke.

The good news is that dry¬†cleaning 100% removes (http://jeevesny smoke of smell from your garments. And while we can’t vouch for the processes other dry cleaners use, we can say that for even those smokers that get through a pack or two packs a day…We’ve got you covered. (http://www NULL.jeevesny

If you choose to wash your smoky garments at home, spray them with a little Febreze (http://febreze) to ensure that the smell is lifted.


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Jerry Pozniak

A garment care professional for over 23 years, Jerry Pozniak has cleaned just about everything for everybody. Fashion house such as; Prada, Gucci, YSL, Valentino, D&G and Hugo Boss have his cell phone on speed-dial. Celebrity stylists call him at all hours to solve fashion disasters and his most important client is you.

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