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Can you get your bathing suits Dry Cleaned?

July 30, 2014

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The answer is NO!

Swimsuits do best in what they were made for…WATER. When some women spend a lot of money on their suit and it has special embellishments or finer fabrics, they think that bringing it to the dry cleaner will help it last longer, but in actuality it does not. It is best to wash your suit at home by hand in cool water or in a washing machine on a low setting. Then leave it to hang dry. Even tumble drying your suit on low is not a good idea, and will only lead to damaging the suit faster. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are too harsh for the synthetic fibers used in most bathing suits and can cause irreparable damage to a suit. Ironing and bleaching are also major ‘no no’s’ when it comes to your swim wear!

Also note, salt water if it is not rinsed out right after a suit is used, can also quickly cause damage. The manager at La Perla called Jeeves about a bathing suit with light padding in the bust that had disintegrated quickly after a customer had purchased it. The customer went into the ocean, let the suit dry, put it in a drawer and the padding turned to saw dust. Both the manager and customer were at a loss for how it occurred. After getting details, the experts at Jeeves quickly informed her that because the suit was immersed in salt water, it needed to be rinsed with fresh water directly after use. And that because it wasn’t, the salt had broken down the padding, and essentially ruined the suit. So note, it’s very important to clean your suits with fresh water after going into the ocean!

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