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Chemical Free Couture Cleaning

September 13, 2009

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As you may know, Jeeves of Belgravia is the only worldwide garment care firm. The New York location of Jeeves will be the first location in the world to remove all harmful petrochemicals from the dry cleaning process.

This change will also make Jeeves the only luxury dry cleaning firm in New York to remove all harmful petrochemicals from the dry cleaning process.

The new dry cleaning process, the first true technological innovation in the dry cleaning industry in over 50 years replaces solvents with food grade liquid carbon dioxide.

Jeeves is making an investment in the newest version of  CO2 dry cleaning technology marketed by Solvair (http://www NULL.solvaircleaning Jeeves’ process using CO2 will be trademarked as Eco2Cleanse with Solvair.

The benefits of Eco2Cleanse are:

  • No Petrochemicals.
  • Does not add to greenhouse gases or smog formation.
  • Superior stain removal.
  • Clean, bright odor free clothes. Whites stay white.
  • Prevents stains from setting because the process is cold.
  • Clothes last longer.
  • Less energy use.

As the managing director for Jeeves New York I have spent the last 6 months testing this process to see how it compares to traditional dry cleaning. My findings indicate that the CO2 process is superior to traditional dry cleaning and exceeds the Jeeves standards.

Jeeves will be using the Eco2Cleanse with Solvair process in mid October 2009.

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Jerry Pozniak

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  • July 2, 2010 by Violeta


    This is very interesting news. Dry cleaning the eco-friendly way, which is also gentle to the clothes. I like it.

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