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From Science Fiction to Reality

December 14, 2009

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jeeves scientist

The door clicked into a locked position, as the technician rotated the door hatch. She checked the visual indicator to make sure the seal was not breached and then glanced at the computer screen to initiate the pressurization sequence.

Carbon dioxide began to pump from the holding tanks into the chamber as the pressure went from sea level to 650 PSI.  The carbon dioxide began to transform into a liquid, exactly what the technician needed.

Once the desired result had been achieved, the cylinder depressurized, and the CO2 returned to its original state as a gas.

When the technician released the hatch and opened the door she witnessed something remarkable…

Her blouse and jacket from the night before had been cleaned. Perfectly.

If you’re thinking that your man Jeeves has a soft spot for science fiction, think again.  Described above is the Eco2 Cleanse process, available at Jeeves NY, (http://www NULL.Jeevesny and is the newest most technologically advanced way to clean clothes.

Little has changed since the evolution of dry cleaning over the last 150 years, and your man Jeeves has always understood the fundamentals of clothes washing, garments are washed in a liquid (either a petrochemical or water), soap is added to remove stains and then dried using heat.

CO2 dry cleaning changed every one of Jeeves’ beliefs about the cleaning process when he was first introduced to Eco2 Cleanse. Although clothes are still washed in a liquid, the physical properties of CO2 allow clothing to be cleaned in a heat free environment so they are removed from the machine at near freezing temperatures.

Your man Jeeves has really outdone himself this time with the level of cleaning he is now offering clients due to his exclusive use of CO2 on dry cleaning. This method far surpasses any other dry cleaning method out there.  Jeeves is also preserving your wardrobe by subjecting your garments to less wear-and-tear with his new system!

CO2 dry cleaning right now is very rare with less than 25 firms in the world using this type of technology. Lucky for all you residing in Manhattan, Jeeves of Belgravia can offer you this service, and you can join your man Jeeves in his innovative industry changes.

The CO2 process is also the only method of dry cleaning that has been approved as safe by the EPA.

For dry cleaning New York you can choose traditional dry cleaning which has not evolved in 150 years or turn to your man Jeeves and his new process that is Simply Green, Simply Clean and Simply Better for You.

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