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How to Use a Tailor

June 8, 2009

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Tailor Manhattan

Tailor Manhattan

Silly statement don’t you think. How to use a tailor; everyone knows what a tailor does.

Or do you?

Besides the usual mending of loose buttons, stuck zippers and having your shortened, are you aware of the services a great tailor can provide?

Here is a list of little known things that can be accomplished with tailoring.

  1. Making clothes truly fit. Have something in the back of your closet that never “feels right”. Most of the time we can fix this for you. As they used to say on Saturday Night Live, “When you look good you feel good.”
  2. Change the style of a garment. Within reason some garments can be altered to give you a new look.
  3. Repair rather than replace. In many occasions it will cost you less to repair a garment than replacing it.

At Jeeves of Belgrava (http://www NULL.jeevesny NULL.asp) we have truly “great” tailors that are wizards.In fact our head seamstress, Amporo Flores has been with our firm for 28 years.  Bring us something that you would like us to “save” and we will give you an honest assessment of the feasibility.

So when you are looking for a tailor Manhattan, or alterations in Manhattan, just give us a ring and we will take great care of both you and your garments.

Thanks for listening. Jerry Pozniak, owner.

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