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Ink Stains…Debunking the Hairspray myth!

January 17, 2013

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Why are ink stains such a problem? And does hairspray remove them from clothes?

Ink is a difficult stain to remove effectively, even for the Jeeves team. This is because, ink is composed of a dye suspended in a carrier. And the carrier is usually comprised of either water or a solvent that allows it to dry almost instantly when it hits the paper or your clothes. 

So even when a garment is dry-cleaned, the ink is not automatically removed. This is because the carrier component of ink can be broken down by dry cleaning solvents, but the dye may not be. And sometimes after cleaning,  the ink will even spread once the carrier is removed.


An internet search on “ink removal” will sometimes suggest hairspray. But here at  Jeeves, we have seen more garments damaged from the application of hairspray in an attempt to remove ink. This is because hairspray has alcohol in it, and though alcohol can sometimes be used as an ink remover, it cannot be safely used on all fabrics and dyes. Using hairspray to remove ink can cause permanent damage that even Jeeves cannot reverse.

Leave it to the professionals..

Removing the dye portion of an ink stain is a delicate and tricky process, as occasioally the ink will bond to fabric to a greater degree than the fabric dye. Removing ink takes experience, patience and a broad knowledge of chemistry.  And here at Jeeves, we have found that ink stains are best left to professionals,  as even we cannot remove every ink stain safely. So as a rule of thumb, be careful with ink around precious garments!


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