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Jeeves New York for People Style Watch’s SEPTEMBER ISSUE!

August 19, 2014

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For the September Issue of People Style WatchJeeves New York’s managing director, Jerry Pozniak, laid out some of his TOP tips on how to care for bright colors, denim, silk, knits and suede! So here are a few of the tips that appeared in the article…But to get ALL the juicy details, you’ll just have to pick up a copy!

Bright Colors

Dry clean color blocked garments: “The dye from bright fabric can run right into the adjacent fabric during the cleaning process.” Have colorblocked items professionally dry cleaned.


Wash it only when stained: “Denim doesn’t hold dye very well, so the only way to keep the color of your jeans looking the same is to never wash them.”


Avoid DIY Stain Removal: “Silk, is temperamental, and the wrong stain removal technique can ruin it. Don’t simply Google ‘How do I remove an oil stain?…Bring it to a drycleaner to avoid a bigger mess.”


Avoid hangers: “They create stretching and distort the shape. If you don’t have a ton of drawer space, look into hanging closet shelves.”


Clean it with a suede brush: “All serious jobs need to be left to a professional, but a suede brush (available at drugstores) is the best investment you can make to sustain the life of suede. Brush it at the end of every wear!..It will remove loose dirt before it sets in.”

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Jerry Pozniak

A garment care professional for over 23 years, Jerry Pozniak has cleaned just about everything for everybody. Fashion house such as; Prada, Gucci, YSL, Valentino, D&G and Hugo Boss have his cell phone on speed-dial. Celebrity stylists call him at all hours to solve fashion disasters and his most important client is you.

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