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Lipstick and Clothes, just DONT go together!

April 30, 2013

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Women love a vibrant red lip, but what happens when it gets on clothing?? What’s a girl or a guy to do?!

The bad news is that because lipstick is made from wax, oil and pigment (dye), there isn’t a whole lot that you can do.  And in fact, if you get some on you when you are out to dinner or at work, you should resist the temptation to remove the stain on your own. Rubbing lipstick with water or seltzer is just going to make the stain worse, because it spreads the lipstick, making a small red stain a large pink one.

On garments that are dry clean only, a trip to Jeeves is in order. We have special preparations to safely remove lipstick without damaging the underlying fabric. So Don’t try to remove lipstick at home on anything labeled dry clean only.

When the stain first occurs, we know it can be so tempting to quickly Google “lipstick stain removal” to find at home solutions. But these “solutions” are just all wrong! Promise that you will never, never, never attempt to remove any stain with hairspray or alcohol. We have seen too many beautiful garments wrecked by hairspray stain removal attempts. And Yes, alcohol is in hairspray.

If you have a washable item with lipstick, pretreat the stain with something like Shout or Dawn dishwashing liquid (not too much!). These products will start to dissolve the oil and wax. Then let the garment sit for about 10 minutes before washing, and pop it in the machine. Check to see if the stain was removed before putting the item in the dryer. If the stain remains, try the procedure again, because you don’t want the stain to “set” from the heat of the dryer.

Two quick tips!

On a lunch date and get a bit of lipstick on your collar? Do what Don Draper would do, put on a clean white shirt that you have at the office. There isn’t a whole lot that you can do in a restaurant bathroom with bright red on your collar, and using soap and water would only result in a  wet collar and pink blob. In severe cases, go buy a new shirt.

Lastly, always check your pockets before washing, or sending your clothes out to be washed. Lipstick that goes into the wash will melt and get all over everything,  and that is one disaster Jeeves never wants you to experience!

If you have any more questions about  lipstick, ask Jeeves!

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