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Make-Up Stain Removal, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

September 17, 2012

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Fotini chiffon top cleaned by Jeeves

Why are make-up stains almost impossible to remove with water?

Most make-up products have an oil base that cannot be removed with plain water. If you try to remove a lipstick or mascara stain with a damp cloth you are only going to make the stain worse. Oil and water don’t mix.

Plus, if you rub too much, you risk damaging the fabric. Make-up stains are best removed by dry-cleaning or if the garment is washable, pre-treat before washing to help release the stain.

This week Jeeves was called upon to remove a small make-up stain in a silk chiffon blouse for the designer Fotini. We had an incredibly short deadline to remove the stain and rush it back to Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in time for the show at the Box.

Thankfully the Fotini team didn’t try to remove the stain and called Jeeves. If water was used on this silk chiffon top, the stain would have remained and water rings would have formed. It would have been a disaster.

Jeeves has the experience to remove make-up stains in just about any fabric, please see for additional information about stain removal.


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Jerry Pozniak

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  • October 12, 2012 by Lem


    I have encountered that problem too. I accidentally bumped into one of my make-up kits and they had toppled down over my garments and fashion jewellery.

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