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Pleats? Pleats No More.

June 9, 2009

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An example of a sunburst pleated skirt.

An example of a sunburst pleated skirt.

How do you maintain the pleats in a cotton jersey pleated skirt? Very carefully I might add, especially if the pleats are in the sunburst pattern. (See example to the left.)

A sunburst pleat is very tightly spaced at the top of the garment and gets a bit wider towards the bottom.

The difficulty with these types of pleats is that they cannot be re-pleated using conventional hand ironing.

When making a purchase of a pleated garment consider that if the fabric content is mostly natural fibers (silk, cotton etc.) the likely-hood of the pleats staying sharp after a few wearings is slim to none.

We received a white cotton jersey Lacoste skirt at Jeeves of Belgravia (http://www NULL.JeevesNY today with the pleats removed by incorrect handling from a poor quality dry cleaner.

The skirt has to be taken apart so that just the fabric panels can be re-pleated. Definitely a job not for the faint-of-heart.

Can the skirt be saved? Yes, but at a cost of over $250 for re-pleating. When you are the best dry cleaner in New York City you have to be able to take care of everything for your clients.

Ask questions, and consider the upkeep before you make a wardrobe investment. Look for the best dry cleaner in your area before sending a special item in for cleaning. You may not be happy with the end result.

Thanks for listening, Jerry Pozniak

Jeeves of Belgravia (http://www NULL.Jeevesny was  selected as only one of 35 America’s Best Cleaners. Jeeves also holds the Royal Warrant as “the” dry cleaner to HRH the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles and family). Jeeves is also the only world-wide garment care brand.

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