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Rena Lange and Dye Stain Removal at Jeeves

January 8, 2010

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Rena Lange Slacks with Dye

Your man Jeeves received a call last week from the manager at Rena Lange. They were in a bit of a bind as a steamer in their shop decieded to leak onto a gray jacket which was touching these beautiful white wool crepe slacks.

As you may have noticed the dye from the jacket has caused considerable damage to the white slacks, which were entrusted to Jeeves for restoration.

Our head cleaning technician was given the challenge and after hours of careful work and cleaning in liquid carbon dioxide the results are nothing less than perfection.

Jeeves has seen far too many garments with stains such as this ruined due to improper dry cleaning by shops who do not employ craftsmen.

Stain removal requires extensive knowledge of chemistry, garment construction, and fabric types. By simply placing a garment into a dry cleaning machine does not yield a stain free result.

Rena Lange Slacks after Restoration

Your man Jeeves is known world wide as the place to take care of the most difficult stains on the most delicate of garments. Why trust anyone else?

Jeeves is one of America’s Best Cleaners (http://americasbestcleaners and the only world wide garment care concern. Jeeves New York is the only luxury garment care firm in New York to be 100% petrochemical free.

All dry cleaning at Jeeves is accomplished in liquid CO2 which is the only method approved as safe by the EPA.

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