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Restoring a Mural Masterpiece at Lincoln Center

July 22, 2014

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Lincoln Center reached out to Jeeves New York for a special project, cleaning one of its’ largest art installations, the Fabric Wall of Felted Wool and Silk by Claudy Jongstra. Located in the David Rubenstein Atrium (http://atrium NULL.lincolncenter, the piece is a massive 97′-3″ x 16′-5″ made entirely of felted wool and silk. Jongstra, inspired by sustainable artwork, harvested the wool from her sheep to make the felt and used only natural dyes.

Jeeves used three fabric care specialists and resident company expert, Jerry Pozniak (http://jeevesny to complete the project. As the installation is 15 feet off the ground, and the top of the piece extends to over 30 feet, a snorkel was used to lift two team members in the air at a time. They then meticulously hand cleaned the piece, panel by panel, with specially formulated dry cleaning solutions to restore the installation to its original luster. Then Jerry Pozniak, painstakingly went over every inch of the mural, to not only ensure that it was clean, but that the loose felted wool and silk did not lose its artistic position. A delicate project that took many, many hours to complete, Lincoln center was thrilled with the results, as they knew this job had many unique challenges that only Jeeves could handle (http://jeevesny

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