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Robert Verdi’s Fashion Week Retreat

September 16, 2010

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Fashion Week is officially over, and your man Jeeves is wiped out. Earlier this week he was up at the crack of dawn to join one of his favorite clients, Robert Verdi in the introduction of Panasonic’s latest household appliance; The Panasonic 360 Freestyle.

The 360 Freestyle is an innovative new household item… it is a cordless iron that allows for multidirectional design. If you don’t have time to bring your clothes to Jeeves to be properly pressed and ironed he strongly recommends that no household be without this.

When Robert Verdi was approached by Panasonic to assist in the promotion of this product to the fashion minded individuals of New York he could think of no one else besides your man Jeeves to assist him in this task.

As you know Jeeves is the go-to gentleman for all your clothing needs in New York City. If he can’t clean it, repair it, or save it than chances are that no one can.

Jeeves was very excited when he first tried out the Panasonic 360 Freestyle iron, for it was like nothing he had ever used before. Much like Jeeves’ ECO2 Cleanse system this technology is the first of it’s kind, and will change the way clothes are ironed at home permanently.

The unique design features of this product allows for precise control over areas that are typically hard to reach, and all for the low price of $99.95.

As always when your clothes require more than your personal touch, you know that you can always count of the Jeeves touch to help keep you and your wardrobe looking their best.

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