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Slush vs. Your Pants: Extreme Winter Weather Care Tips

February 18, 2014

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The slush from the polar vortex is rampant all over the city, creating virtual lakes at every corner. Slush contains salt. Used as a melting agent for the snow, it can wreak havoc on wardrobes, as it is damaging to fabrics, leather, suede, shearling and fur. If the hem of your pant has been soaked in slush (identifiable by a white ring that forms once it begins to dry), its important to clean as soon as possible, following label instructions. In the worst cases, salt can burn leather, suede, shearling and fur; which if not handled quickly by a professional, may be irreversible.

Contact Jeeves today if you are worried about any of your pieces that may have been damaged in this extreme winter weather!

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