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Keep Your Whites Bright Without Worrying About the Sun

June 2, 2010

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There is nothing quite like the feel of linen against your skin and the sand between your toes. Your man Jeeves enjoyed the long holiday weekend basking in the sun in South Hampton with friends and family.

Jeeves always looks forward to Memorial Day Weekend as it not only marks the official beginning of the summer season, but it also permits him to break into a whole part of his wardrobe that he has abandoned since September. He has longingly stared at his seersucker and white linen pants as they adorn his shelves and not his body.

Jeeves is even more excited to wear his summer whites this season , for now he can  dry clean them in a manner that will keep them bright and white all summer long without that dingy tinge of gray that has ruined so many pieces in the past.


Jeeves’ ECO2 Cleanse process that is Simply Green. Simply Clean. Simply Better for you. If you have tried our carbon dioxide cleaning process on the items in your regular wardrobe and noticed the difference imagine what it will do to brighten your whites!

Jeeves recognizes that many people are confused by how this environmentally friendly process cleans better than traditional dry cleaning, so as always he is here to make sure that you understand how to provide the best possible care for your wardrobe.

Ordinary dry cleaning uses filters to keep the dry cleaning solvent clean during the “wash phase”,  however if these filters aren’t kept perfectly clean you end up cleaning white clothes in dirty solvent. It would be the same thing as you taking a bath in water that had been previously used by 10 people before you…no thank you.

Jeeves wonders why  if people wouldn’t do that to themselves than why would they consider doing that to their clothes?!

ECO2 Cleanse cleans your clothing in a cleaning solution that is similar to the ingredients in hand sanitizer. After your clothes are  rinsed in pure liquid CO2 FOUR TIMES!  This rinse phase removes all suspended soil and restores clothes back to their original brightness, and also prevents them from turning gray.

Solvair can even restore clothes that have been turned gray and ruined from previous summer seasons.

So whether you are jet setting to The Hamptons, Fire Island, Martha’s Vineyard, or simply enjoy the privilege of wearing your whites you can trust Jeeves to care for all your dry clean only white clothes so that you can wear them for many more summers to come.

For the best dry cleaner to care for your summer wardrobe the only choice is Jeeves New York.

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