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The Latest Wedding Style Statement

July 14, 2010

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(http://ashleighbridalsessionideas NULL.files NULL.wordpress NULL.jpg)Now your man Jeeves may be an old fuddy duddy when it comes to weddings, but never in his wildest dreams would he have guessed brides would opt to sport a a garter and a diaper under their wedding gowns!

Not to fear your eyes are not deceiving you it is simply the latest bridal trend that is sweeping the nation; bridal diapers. Many modern brides are so concerned with missing out on their party or simply are unable to easily shimmy out of their scivvys so they are purchasing a diaper to wear on their big day.

Jeeves was quite intrigued by this fad, so he did some further research to see what distinguished bridal diapers from regular adult diapers. What he found were minor differences, so minor in fact that most women are wearing adult diapers and adding their own style and wedding personality through lace and other embellishments they are adding to their diapers.

In all the articles Jeeves read he was unable to locate one quotation from a groom whose new wife donned a diaper on her big day.

Although these brides may have figured out how to avoid one of the less sanitary locations of the reception, that is not to say her her dress was not soiled in other ways. Such as cake, or champagne.

If your wedding dress was soiled or dirtied during your big day there is an answer even simpler than adult diapers, and that is Jeeves New York. Jeeves has over 25 years experience in cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. Additionally Jeeves New York is the only luxury garment care provider in the state of New York to offer chemical free wedding gown cleaning.

For the very best in wedding gown care in New York City, simply call your man Jeeves.

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