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Whom You Know Panel of Experts Recommends Eau Flirt

October 19, 2009

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Eau Flirt

Eau Flirt

This was sent by your man Jeeves’ good friend Peachy Deegan of Whom You Know…. let Jeeves know what you think.

We are pleased to present the facts:

Eau Flirt ®

The Scent of Seduction

You can hurry love…when you’re wearing the right perfume. Eau Flirt® eau de toilette puts science to the service of romance in a unique elixir containing ingredients proven to quicken the pulse of potential suitors. So dab it on your pulse points and let the seduction begin!
The world’s first perfume clinically proven to make men flirt with women

Eau Flirt was inspired by a study conducted at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation by two physicians. The study tested the effects of 30 different single scent or combined ingredient scents on male sexual arousal. The combination of lavender and pumpkin pie proved to evoke the most passionate response.

Eau Flirt’s proprietary blend includes top notes black currant, plum, raspberry, apple, and black licorice and lavender, middle notes of jasmine, ylang, nutmeg and cinnamon (the classic aromas of pumpkin pie), and a drydown of musk and rare and precious woods. Ingredients are all natural flower and plant essences and sourced from France, Italy and the U.S.

No animal testing has been done and it’s allergy tested with no artificial colorings.
To find a retailer or purchase directly, please visit www.harveyprince.com (http://www NULL.harveyprince NULL.com/), www.fragrancex.com (http://www NULL.fragrancex NULL.com/) and specialty stores/high end perfumeries nationwide

U.S. suggested retail $98 for 3.4 oz. eau de toilette spray, 1.7 oz $66, and 1 oz. purse size $36. Mini roll-ons are $19

Eau Flirt is the newest perfume from Harvey Prince, the maker of Ageless (www.agelessfantasy.com (http://www NULL.agelessfantasy NULL.com/)), the first anti-aging perfume and a top seller in London’s prestigious Harvey Nichols.


And the fact is, we recommend it. A lot of scientific studies have been performed and although we got A’s on our term papers, we think you are more interested in what our credentials are for flirting and what our panel thought. Here’s what you need to know about the studies that were executed before the product came out: It was performed by an Ivy-League school, fragrance changes your perception of people, studies going back to 1974 were considered, and men overwhelmingly prefer women to wear perfume. And the components of this perfume are formulated with the most successful components of the study.

Although Peachy Deegan is a girl under the radar with her pseudonym, the fact is she is one of the best flirts around-the CBS Early Show even picked her to flirt on national television last year. She has been wearing it since she got it and has had some excellent responses!

Our panel of experts commented:

“Is it possible to have a seductive scent? Although skeptical, I was eager to give it a try! All the ingredients are natural flowers and plants, I love that fact that there is no testing on animals, and it has been allergy tested. The combination of lavender and pumpkin pie are proved to evoke the most passionate responses. So off I went for my evening out, I sprayed it on…..I am not sure if men wanted to flirt with me more than usual, or was it that I oozed confidence because I believed in the product, either way you should definitely give it a try!”

“I find Eau Flirt to be a delightful scent–mainly because I am not a perfume lover. I do not like to wear a fragrance that permeates a room or an elevator because it is too dominating. Eau Flirt, on the other hand, leaves a light and intriguing fragrance without overpowering. I love it for that!”

“Eau Flirt is very sweet and lightly spicy – not overpowering; it condours up the sensual feeling of wanting to be by the ocean…I love it!”

“Eau Flirt has just the cutest bottle. The bottle’s very sturdy but sleek design leaves no worries about spills in your bag. A vibrantly clean scent that envokes a flirtatious mood. One of the loveliest, fresh scents ever! One spray of this perfume lingers for hours. It has a crisp lime green color with even a crisper fresh, sexy scent. People have stopped me on the street to ask what scent I’m wearing – very flattering! It has a subtly exotic scent with spicy undertones….a feminine, glamorous quality. This fragrance is more refreshing than anything I have tried before, and it retains a freshness. It’s a keeper!”

“You can be a serious Flirt wearing this perfume! I tested it while on a bachelorette party bar hopping and the fun citrus scent lasted all night. It was a nice sweet smell without being overpowering and it received many compliments. The perfume is a great summer scent and I highly recommend it! Do not let the cartoon box fool you as the scent is very mature. Everyone asked me where I found out about it and I referred them to our great and informative blog- whomyouknow.com (http://www NULL.whomyouknow NULL.com/). Please let people know where they can get it – www.harveyprince.com (http://www NULL.harveyprince NULL.com/) – as many were interested in purchasing it. It is well worth the high price tag as I have never found a perfume which made me feel so young and vibracious!”

“When this fragrance was launched just less than 2 months ago, I was quite intrigued and eager to give it a test drive. It’s been clinically proven to attract men, hence doing some of the flirtation work for you, which sounds good to me, as flirting isn’t something that I’ve always excelled in. It’s also appealing to have something
as effortless as spritzing on a fragrance work for you. While Eau Flirt’s notes and formulation remain a closely guarded secret (don’t all flirts have some secret flirt skills?), it’s reassuring to know that some of the notes do remind me of the most loved and now-classic fragrances out there. While I can’t say Eau Flirt drew the men to me in droves, I do like the scent enough to use it often, so the flirt test is still ongoing! The illustration on the packaging and bottle is very whimsical and fun, thoroughly capturing the flirt mood and mindset. Personally, I think getting yourself to a flirtatious state and being a good flirt is very much a state of mind too, so if a fragrance like Eau Flirt can put you in that state and give you an
edge, then why not dab some on before going out?”

To get yours and flirt up a storm:

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    Tracy Robinson

    Excellent. I mean this the best way to trap men around you. Hahahaha

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