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How to Repair Holes and Tears

July 30, 2009

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Invisible Weaving, Before

Invisible Weaving, Before

What do you do when you get a hole in your favorite garment? Maybe you got caught on your desk at the office or perhaps an errant cigarette ash burned a hole in your pants.

Invisible weaving is almost a lost art that is still practiced at Jeeves of Belgravia. In most cases we can make the most horrific hole just about invisible.

Our weaving craftsman take individual threads from your garment to re-weave your garment where the hole is giving you an almost perfect repair.

Small tears, moth holes, cigarette holes and punctures into a fabric are all repairable by invisible weaving. Even knitwear can be woven to match the original pattern.

Keep in mind that weaving is tedious and time consuming and often the repairs are expensive. Weaving a small hole starts at $95 and can quickly escalate into hundreds of dollars, but can easily save a garment that cost thousands of dollars.

Invisible Weaving, After

Invisible Weaving, After

Jeeves of Belgravia, New York has a full invisible weaving department ready to take care of your damaged wardrobe.

Give Jeeves a call to arrange a pick-up and no obligation estimate of your items in need of this highly specialized service.

Jeeves of Belgravia, New York has been selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners (http://Americasbestcleaners for the last two years.

Jeeves also holds the Royal Warrant as the Dry Cleaner to HRH the Prince of Wales.

Jeeves has been selected as the best dry cleaner NYC by City Spur (http://newyork10 NULL.cityspur

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