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Summer White, Winter White

October 15, 2011

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As the visions of fashion week still dance in our heads, we’re eager to begin our transition into the much awaited selections of the fall season.

Although miss Mother Nature has kept us believing that summer days seem like yesterday, with daydreams of florals and summer whites, as the sun beams along Park Avenue, we must not forget the fall season is under way.  Unfortunately, this means most of those whimsical linen dresses and white cotton slacks shall be kept away for another spring day.
We all know that with great fashion opportunity comes great fashion responsibility; therefore, our beloved ‘summer whites’ must be properly cleaned and stored until their next ‘Memorial Debut’.  There’s nothing worse than realizing your favorite summer dinner dress wasn’t hibernating during the long winter months; rather, it was being thoroughly enjoyed by your favorite closet critters: moths.
These wardrobe munchers have an uncanny sixth sense when it comes to clothing – their ‘fashion instincts’ are so keen that we’re borderline envious of their abilities to detect microscopic traces of food, oil, and perfume.

These criminals of couture will seek out many liquid stains that dry clear and become virtually naked to the human eye.  So while we’re cozying up in comfy cashmere, our resident moths are snacking away on our summer staples.  These invisible stains have another culprit; during storage, they can become oxidized resulting in an unflattering brown or yellow pigment.  These scenarios are entirely avoidable by properly cleaning and preserving your precious pieces.
So, before such responsibilities are lost in the haze of martini-induced amnesia produced by the last few valiant garden parties, put this little note on your end-of-summer to do list: Take your summer whites to Jeeves, preserve & store! Let’s savor the memories, not the stains.

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