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Is Fashion Going Sporty?

January 26, 2016

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Is Fashion Going Sporty???….The latest fashion show from Versace, is a major clue that the answer is YES. At Paris Couture Fashion Week; Donatella skillfully intertwined couture with sporty details like colorful straps, reminiscent of rock climbing harnesses and small sport coats over her quintessentially sexy dresses.  Beautiful weaving rope-like elements made the garments delicate but strong, and other sporty details made the collection feel “Active” overall. Not just art, but art in motion.

How would you clean these pieces, with a mash up of fabrics, vibrant colored straps, juxtaposed with white and other colors? A high end dry-cleaner (http://www NULL.jeevesny Not only would it immediate damage the garment from colors bleeding if you tried to wash  it at home, BUT, the pieces with more delicate fabrics, sewn with heavier fabrics could easily tear. So as this sporty trend sees no end in sight, rely on your trusted high end garment care specialists, Jeeves NY, to see you through.

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